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What's the difference between Athens and Sparta? The cities of Athens and Sparta were bitter rivals in ancient Greece. Geographically they are very close to each other, but have sometimes had very different values, lifestyles, and cultures. Contents 1 About 2 History 3 Beliefs and Cu.. The main difference between Athens and Sparta is that Athens was a form of democracy, whereas Sparta was a form of oligarchy.. Athens and Sparta are two prominent Greek rival city-states. Though these are not very far away from each other, there are many differences between these two states

Key Difference - Athens vs Sparta Athens and Sparta refer to two of the greatest cities of Greece between which many differences can be identified in terms of the lifestyles and value systems. Athens can be considered as the fountain of culture and philosophical knowledge. Even today, the achievements of Athenians in terms of architecture are much appreciated While similar in some ways, Athens and Sparta had some key differences between them. A key difference lay in their ambitions, with Athens seeking to expand and Sparta being content with what it had. Differing Climate 2. Athens used democratic rule while Sparta had an oligarchy. 3. Athenians were noted architects and builders while Spartans were famous soldiers. 4. Athens traded for wealth while Sparta took it by force. 5. Athens fostered creativity and intellectual work among its residents while Sparta expected all men in their ranks to become soldiers. 6 Main Differences Between Athens and Sparta. Athens is considered to be the home of western civilization.Sparta is not considered as home to any modern civilization.; Athens was based on a democratic form of government where people were elected on an annual basis.Sparta was based on oligarchy and had two rulers.; Athens core ideals were based on development, trade, intellect, and wisdom, and.

Sparta vs. Athens. What is Differences between Sparta and Athens? The cities of Athens and Sparta are famous for various reasons, including their eternal rivalry. They have some things in common, such as being located in Greece; however, more are the differences than the similarities when it comes to the characteristics of this Greek polis The differences between Athens and Sparta is, Athens woman were always home doing ton of house work, and Spartan woman were trained to be tough so they would have tough children Athens vs. Sparta Athens and Sparta were both city-states inside Greece. Although, they were very close to each other in location they were very different in many other ways. In this essay we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between the two city-states from their beginnings to their politics, culture, social gatherings, geography, and finally what brought each city-state. However, Sparta had only about 8,000 citizens, while Athens had between 40,000 and 100,000. Slaves were at the bottom of the social order in both cities, and military men were at the top. In Sparta the military professionals were the only ones who had the right to vote; in Athens, the aristocrats were wealthy landowners who were also military leaders Athens is said to have been the birthplace of democracy. Sparta was an Oligarchy. The Ancient Greek oligos translates to few, while archia means rule - 'rule by the few'. Five Ephors were elected annually, accompanied by two kings, who passed on the crowns to their chosen sons

The differences between Athens and Sparta eventually led to war between the two city-states. Known as the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.E.), both Sparta and Athens gathered allies and fought on and off for decades because no single city-state was strong enough to conquer the others Sparta was a society rigidly organized for military purposes. Athens, on the other hand pursued a broad range of interests in culture, political and some military focus.commercialism, Hom Similarities Between Sparta and Athens in terms of Military Power Secondly, both Sparta and Athens had an active military that was highly regarded in the entire region. For Sparta, the strength of the military highly rested on the army, which was comprised of the best-trained and most mighty warriors of ancient times Similarities And Differences Of Government In Athens, Sparta And Athens 849 Words | 4 Pages. Introduction. Sparta and Athens share some great similarities in their government structure, the biggest one being that all the respective free citizens possessed similar rights, but there are also striking differences, with Athens being culture-oriented while Sparta imprinted on a military lifestyle

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Start studying Athens and Sparta-differences. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Athens and Sparta: Similarities and One of the greatest city states of all time was the city state of Athens from which we take many of our modern ways. Their government was a full democracy in which they had an assembly was all male citizens over 25 years old, they had the council of five hundred which was chosen by lot of people over 30 and they proposed laws to the assembly While both were examples of the Ancient Greek polis, Sparta and Athens had vast differences.Much of this can be traced to their ethnic roots. The Spartans were descended from Dorian invaders of. Differences and similarities of Athens and Sparta Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free Government Education Economy Similarities More Similarities Women and Slaves Both Athens and Sparta had a strong military. Athens had a strong navy and Sparta had a strong army. Both had a large amount of slaves (100,00) Bibliography Both Athens and Sparta chose their ruler

Sparta's society was very warrior based, they raised there men and women to be strong in case of war, if you were weak, you were thrown into a mountain cliff. Athens's Society was very knowledge based. they had a democracy government and unlike Sparta their women didn't play a huge part in the society, they mostly stayed at home The Spartan educational system was characterized by unique elements which attracted the praise of many ancient observers — including Plato — because they were unique to Sparta and in many ways the opposite of education in Athens. The one feature o.. The Peloponnesian War was fought mainly between Athens and Sparta. However, rarely did the two sides fight each other alone. Athens was part of the Delian League, an alliance of Greek-city states led and funded mainly by Athens that eventually morphed into the Athenian Empire, and Sparta was a member of the Peloponnesian League Difference between Athens and Sparta. By: Editorial Staff | Updated: Jan-4, 2018. Athens and Sparta are arguably two of the most popular cities in Greece. It is common for people to confuse one for the other since both these ancient cities have made far-reaching contributions to governance, arts, culture, and military concepts

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  1. From the top of my head, both Athens and Sparta: * are located in southern continental Greece * had Greek-speaking inhabitants, although their dialects were different as Spartans used a variant of Dorian Greek whereas Athenians spoke Attic. * wer..
  2. The Differences Between Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta, two of the most influential powers in ancient Europe, were quite different in many ways. Some of the main differences between Athens and Sparta were their governments, their education systems, their people's rights, and the way their people were treated as a whole
  3. Differences between Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta are two city-states in ancient Greece. Athens had a busy port, ships passed the land. At the agora, you could hear people arguing and chatting, you can also see people with their slaves walking around and shopping, there were sculptors sculpting with great pleasure
  4. Athens vs Sparta (History of the Peloponnesian War Ancient greece), Ancient Greece, classical Greece, Peloponnesian war, Ancient Greece documentary, history, documentary, ancient battle tactics.
  5. Sparta's society replaced into very warrior based, they raised there women and men human beings to be good in case of conflict, in case you have been susceptible, you have been thrown right into a mountain cliff Athens's Society replaced into very awareness based. that they had a democracy government and in evaluation to Sparta their women human beings did no longer play a extensive section in.

A PowerPoint showing the key similarities and differecnes between the two main cities in Ancient Greece: Athens and Sparta. Ideal to be shown as an opener to the lesson, comes complete with task/activity at the end A Key Stage 2 History PowerPoint and worksheet comparing the Ancient Greek cities of Athens and Sparta. The presentation covers the difference in the educational states of the two cities - Athenian boys were educated in philosophy and music up to the age of 20, whereas Spartan boys were trained to be warriors in brutal conditions. Afterwards, the Athens vs Sparta worksheet allows children to.

ATHENS Women should not be heard Men: Men in Ancient Athens were the only real citizens.Women, children and slaves were considered below men. Men were responsible to get the crops grown and harvested, but everyone in the family helped, unless the family had slaves to do their work for them Students will need approximately an hour to absorb the initial information about the differences between Athens and Sparta. Each of the exercises should take between half and a full hour. Relevant.

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To begin with, as Sparta held great military power and their nations' main objective was to expand their territory, people of Sparta gave equivalent positions to both males and females. Women of Sparta got rights to be taught to read, write and protect themselves, said in The Women of Sparta (Hibbison, 2002), while women of Athens were taught only household works, and they had to. POLITICAL DIFFERENCES OF SPARTA AND ATHENS Athens and Sparta were two of the most powerful and well known cities among all the Greek nations. Most would find it easier to find more similarities among these two groups of mighty people. But there are some differences between these two power houses

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Similarities between sparta and athens sparta vs athens parison chart spartan economy by max hofbauer on prezi athens and sparta crossword wordmint Differences Between Sparta And Athens VsWhat Is The Difference Between Athens And Sparta PediaaAncient Sparta Economy Trade Lesson [ The primary difference between Sparta and Athens is their differing systems of government. Sparta is considered an oligarchy, meaning ruled by the few, while Athens is believed by historians to have been a democracy The difference between Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta are two city states of ancient Greece. There was a busy harbor in Athens, the ship passed through the land. In the market you can hear people being fighting and chatting Also, there are people who go shopping with slaves walking Ancient Greek civilization - Ancient Greek civilization - Sparta and Athens: Prominent among the states that never experienced tyranny was Sparta, a fact remarked on even in antiquity. It was exceptional in that and in many other respects, some of which have already been noted: it sent out few colonies, only to Taras (Tarentum, in southern Italy) in the 8th century and—in the prehistoric.

Athens and Sparta: Geography By: Jared Harrison, Alyssa Weimer, Jamison Olsen, and Trevor Jeske Opinion - Jamison The geography between Athens and Sparta is important because you need to know the difference of the two landscapes. Also it has had a impact on both areas because i Sparta and Athens By: Amy Clifford, Jasmine Gomes and Julia Nicoll Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website It is important to not only note the physical differences but to explore why these were the case. In other words don't forget to examine the cultural reasons for their differences. Spartan women wore short tunics because they trained with the men and needed to be able to move freely, Athenian women were pale because it proved that they were wealthy enough to pay slaves to work outside for them Girls in ancient Athens were ready to marry after reaching puberty, at 12 or 13. Traditionally they would marry by 14 or 15 and then would live in their husband's home

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FUNDAMENTAL BASES FOR THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO CITY-STATES LESSONS FOR OUR PRESENT DAY EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS BACKGROUND It is perhaps instructive to discuss the background factors responsible for the educational system in each of the two states. We can recall that Sparta aimed at military superiority over its neighbours. The pertinent question we need t Cultural Difference between Macedon and Sparta. The cultural difference between sparta and Macedon didn't worry me. Epirus was influenced by Macedon, and Athens lost its power to Macedon. So tecnically Sparta and Syracuse are the only hellenic remaining states. Flag Athens vs. Sparta Essential Question: Explain the most important differences between Athens and Sparta in their forms of government, economic structure and their cultural values. Directions: Before you begin organizing and charting your evidence it is important to understand the origin of your sources and what side of your claim that evidence will support

Answer to: What were the similarities between Athens and Sparta? By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework.. Sparta, ancient capital of the Laconia district of the southeastern Peloponnese, southwestern Greece. The sparsity of ruins from antiquity around the modern city reflects the austerity of the military oligarchy that ruled the Spartan city-state from the 6th to the 2nd century BCE Life in Athens vs. Life in Sparta. Athens had been the main supporter of democracy, What were some of the most important key differences between the polis of Athens and Sparta.

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Unlike Athens, Sparta's economy depended on conquering other people and farming. Sparta's land was not enough to feed all of it's people. Because most of the Spartan men spent their lives as warriors, Sparta used slaves to produce it's goods Lesson 5: Athens vs. Sparta Overview The slight differences between classical Athens and Sparta are magnified in this lesson because it provides for good issue-based discussion. In reality Athens and Sparta were both fairly militaristic, and at other times b oth were fairly democratic. Contrary to the way they are commonly portrayed, Athens had A look at the differences and similarities of the lifes of women and slaves in ancient Athens and Sparta. Did you know? Slaves were often people who were captured in war and forced to work for the enemy. Quiz Did helots have any rights? Quiz A helot revold means that the slaves ____. Quiz Sparta Similarities and Difference The similarities between Athens and Sparta from HIST 1421 at University of the Peopl Given below is the distance between Athens, Greece and Sparta, Greece.A map showing location of Athens and Sparta with air travel direction is also provided. Along with Sparta - Athens distance, you can also find current time & time difference between Athens and Sparta, lattitude & longitude of both cities and flight duration

Athens and Sparta Comparative Essay The country of Greece, in 400-500 BC was led to greatness by two poli or city-states, Athens and Sparta. The tremendous differences between Athens and Sparta led to many quarrels and ultimately all out war. Athens outlawed debt slaves while Sparta had as many slaves as they could get.. Athens is a vassal of Macedon if not a member from the Achaean League, both enemies of Sparta. Sparta find itself as some sort of '' defender of hellenism '' and want to break Macedon's power and influence through Greece '' liberating '' some greek states, Sparta also is being attacked by the Achaean League, a state that is becoming a influential power over Hellas as well as Macedon The everyday lives of people in ancient Greek city-states is documented by a very readable text, illustrations, and photographs. Especially interesting are the wide differences between the lives of the citizens of Athens and those of Sparta due to their very different social structures Athens had strong adversaries. The Spartans and the Persians, who had slightly similar military power, were in the same geographic region which put Athens into many wars including the cold war. Some of the major differences between Athens and Sparta would be the different types of government, life style and values, role of women, and education. Athens was a limited democracy while Sparta was a military oligarchy that had two kings. Sparta had militaristic values while Athens had democratic values

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Which was not a difference between Sparta and Athens? was asked on May 31 2017. View the answer now Despite this, Sparta grew increasingly fearful of Athens and its main ally Corinth was actively encouraging it to attack Athens. [7] In 440 BCE, Corinth urged the Spartans to wage war on Athens at the same time as Cornith was suppressing a revolt on the island of Samos The Differences Between Athens And Sparta History Essay. Athens and Sparta may be on the same country and even on the same continent, but many differences can be found between these two city-states, They were close together on a map, yet far apart in what they valued and how they lived their lives (White, 2010)

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There were many differences between the ancient Greek cities of Athens and Sparta. Athens population was approximately 140,000 while for Sparta it was about 100,000 Related searches Compare and Contrast Sparta and Athens Ancient Greece Sparta Home Set HTML Compare Athens and Sparta What's the Difference Between Athens and Sparta British Museum. Answer to what are difference between Athens and Sparta? (government, economy, education, military and women One of the bigger differences between Sparta and Athens was there systems of government. Sparta was an Oligarchy which meant ruled by a few. There were many features of a Spartan government, Ephors, two kings, a council of 28 elders called the geurosia and the apella the assembly of spartiates over the age of 30 Trade was a fundamental aspect of Ancient Greek society. Following territorial expansion, an increase in population and new modes of transport, goods could be bought, sold, and exchanged in the Mediterranean, far from their region of origin. Food, raw materials and manufactured goods such as fabrics and jewelry were made available to the Greeks Athens and sparta similarities and differences. Athens and Sparta. Similarities and Differences. By Mike Mizov. One of the greatest city states of all time was the city state of Athens from. which we take many of our modern ways. Their government was a full. democracy in which they had an assembly was all male citizens over 25 year

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  1. opposing countries for lacking bravery, patriotism and courage. Athens was repeatedly attacked since Athenians didn't have a war-like reputation. These conflicts eventually led to Athens losing power in Ancient Greece. Map of Greece and the cities of Athens and Sparta View of Athens, around 3000 years ago
  2. Sparta and Athens had a lot in common when it comes to the civic organisation, the structure of government, and judgement and views of women. Yet, a field of militaristic organisation can be said to be unique for both sides. Here is the list of some major differences between the Athenian and Spartan army. View Article in List Vie
  3. Difference between sparta and athens (2) 1. By: Felicia Blackwell, Meghan Coyle and Melina Behnke The Differences Between Athens and Sparta
  4. ATHENS. SPARTA. Population & Map. Approximately 140,000; Approximately 40,000 men were citizens; and slaves (about 40,000). By 432 BC, Athens had become the most populous city-state in Hellas. In Athens and Attica, there were at least 150,000 Athenians, around 50,000 aliens, and more than 100,000 slaves
  5. Sparta had its own system of government which was very different from the other city states. Rule was shared between two kings, the Gerousia and the Assembly. Most citizens Spartans were either Perioeci (citizens who paid taxes, served in the army and were protected by Spartan laws) or Helots (people from lands conquered and ruled by Sparta who had no rights)

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Get an answer to your question What was the difference between sparta and greece? in History if there is no answer or all answers are wrong, use a search bar and try to find the answer among similar questions The most significant difference between Athens and Sparta was that Athens worshipped many gods, while Sparta worshipped one. Athens had a strong army, while Sparta had a strong navy. Athens focused on citizenship, while Sparta focused on the military. Athens gave women no rights, while Sparta allowed them in the military I have to write an essay on The differences between Sparta and Athens and I need some ideas Answer #1 Sparta very militaristic and the women had a lot more power and were encouraged to participate in societ Athens And Sparta. In most of the ancient kingdoms, geography played a significant role of separating different groups. This also gave room for civilization because of competition between two kingdoms. Cities like Athens and Sparta of the ancient Greece are a perfect example of cities that developed very well due to competition What are the differences between athens and sparta in: ideals purpose of education governments;forms goals origins of please help!!! thanks sooo muc

  1. Differences And Similarities Between The Athens And Spartans History Essay. The Athens and Spartans were two civilizations with many differences and similarities. The Spartans were the ones that wanted a strong army, a civilization with no freedom and less education for men so they could fight in the army
  2. Proper noun (en proper noun) The capital city of Greece ; A city in Alabama ; A city in Illinois ; A village in Louisiana ; A town in Maine ; A village in Michigan ; A town and village in New Yor
  3. Fought between the allies of Sparta and the empire of Athens, the crippling Peloponnesian War paved the way for the Macedonian takeover of Greece by Philip II of Macedon and, following that, Alexander the Great's empire. Before the Peloponnesian War, the city-states of Greece had worked together to fight off the Persians.During the Peloponnesian War, they turned on each other
  4. Differences between Sparta and Athens? What are some of the cultrual,goverment,economy,education and the roles of women differences between the two greek states. I need these materials for a test tommorow
  5. Introduction I'm going to address the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta's societies in terms of their monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy and democracy. Monarchy During the late Bronze Age (2,000 - 1,200 BC) all Greek poleis had a monarch, however, this would drastically change after the Dark Age (1,200 BC) where Athens was left with onl
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A Comparison of Athens and Sparta The main points around which the commonalties or differences between the two states can be discussed are Economy, Art, Lifestyle, Women, Military and Sexuality. One interesting difference between the two empires was the manner in which female beauty was appreciated There wasn't much love lost between Athens and Sparta, the two most important city-states of ancient Greece. At the height of its influence, Athens was the glittering cultural capital of the. Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful city states in Ancient Greece. Despite exisitng simultaneously in the same time period, there were many distinct differences between the two societies. These differences were evident in their opposing forms of government, their divergent views on military training and culture, and even in general aspects of everyday life In Sparta, it was ruled by two kings. The two kings remain as rulers until they died or until they get kicked out. In Athens, there were elections annually. The main difference between Athens and Sparta was that in Athens it follows a democracy and in Sparta it follows a hierarchy. The life in Sparta was simple, their main focus was war

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the phalanx , both Athens and Sparta used this fighting style. B: shows a hoplite, which is the name for Greek soldiers, both Athens and Sparta had this type of soldier. C: describes the military training of Sparta and Athens. Greek Hoplite: a soldier that used spears as their main weapon, were citizens What was the difference between the soldiers of Athens and Sparta? While some similarities existed between the warriors of Sparta and Athens, such as the hoplite foot soldier and the phalynx formation, there were great differences between the soldiers of the two societies.The main differences were born out as an extension of the focus of each polis Throughout the course of this paper, I hope to explain the reasoning behind the dissension between Sparta and Athens, made war between these former allies inevitable. Whenever there is an argument or war there is always differences between both parties involved Sparta lacked land area and was forced to seek other land in the fertile plain of Messenia. Although, if we look at the Athens, we see that they had no issues with plentiful land, as they possessed large and populous territory. Another characteristic that set the differences between Sparta and the Athens were their societies

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Our AC Odyssey Sparta vs Athens guide will tell you about the difference between supporting Athens or Sparta, and if there's a particular one which you should ride or die for. AC Odyssey Sparta. Sparta has an Oligarchy form of government while Athens practiced Democracy.parta defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian War. 0 Comments Add a Comment Related Question ★★★ Correct answer to the question: What was the difference between ancient athens and sparta? answer! - edu-answer.co There were many differences between the city-states of Athens and Sparta. For example, Athens had a democratic form of government. Sparta had a culture that glorified military ideals. Both wanted to be the most powerful city-state in the region. This competition led to clashes between the two city-states and their allies

Words- 584 Athens and Sparta: Similarities and Differences One of the greatest city states of all time was the city state of Athens from which we take many of our modern ways. Their government was a full democracy in which they had an assembly was all male citizens over 25 years old, they h.. As I sit here researching the differences between the city-states of Athens and Sparta around 450 BC, I am reminded that I haven't posted on my blog in a while. So why not give a you a sneak peak of the history lesson I am going to be teaching in class tomorrow? (You may no With both of these great city-states located so close together in Hellas, there differences would ultimately lead to dissension. Throughout the course of this paper, I hope to explain the reasoning behind the dissension between Sparta and Athens, made war between these former allies inevitable The military of Sparta was huge and the best of all but the Athens military was a simple but strong military, the young boy started to train at the age of 7 but the Athenians went to the army at the age of 18, the Spartans kept on the army up until 60 years old but the Athenians just started to work when they get back from army

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Describe the chief differences between Athens and Sparta. what was the Peloponnesian Was about and how did it impact the long teem stability of the Greek world? Expert Answer The chief differences about Athens and Sparta can be listed as a few below The relationship between citizens and helots was an uneasy one and there were sometimes uprisings, notably in the 7th century BCE which contributed to Sparta's defeat to Argos at Hysiae in 669 BCE. Sparta gained revenge on Argos in c. 545 BCE but then lost a battle with Tegea shortly after. This regional instability brought about the Peloponnesian League (c. 505 to 365 BCE) which was a. Great Support The best thing about The Differences Between Athens And Sparta History Essay these people is their customer service that did not let me down at all, even though I have been pestering them every few hours even late in the night. The final result I got was exceptional The Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta took place over several decades and can be segregated into three main wars: a) 460 to 445 BC, b) 431 to 421 BC, and c) 415 to 404 BC. Each of these wars were fought between Athens and its empire and Sparta with its Peloponnesian league allies

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  1. ent role in Greece
  2. The similarities between Athens and Sparta is that the boys need to go to barracks (Sparta) or school (Athens) at the age of 7. Athens and Sparta were the two main cities of..
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